About The Dwarvenaut

THE DWARVENAUT gives viewers a glimpse into the visionary mind of Brooklyn-based artist and entrepreneur Stefan Pokorny. Director Josh Bishop (MADE IN JAPAN) weaves together memories of Stefan's tumultuous childhood with his modern day escapades to paint a mesmerizing portrait. An art prodigy obsessed from a young age with Dungeons & Dragons, Stefan navigates absurd adventures — from Midwestern game conventions to the canals of Venice to Bushwick dive bars — on a quest to bring his most ambitious miniature sculpture project to life through a multi-million dollar Kickstarter campaign. Part philosopher, part jester, he preaches the virtues of fantasy gaming as a vehicle for uniting the human race on his whimsical, bizarre life's journey.


Director's Statement

THE DWARVENAUT is the story of Stefan Pokorny: an orphan, a gamer, a New Yorker, a businessman and, most importantly, an artist. When I first met him we bonded immediately and I felt like I was being given an incredible opportunity. Here in front of me was a man who had done something amazing with his life — he had taken the game of Dungeons & Dragons and made it his artistic medium. I was enthralled to be making a movie about him. My approach was to document Stefan as he led his company Dwarven Forge through a major Kickstarter campaign in the winter of 2015, but the more time I spent with him and his company, the more I began to realize just how layered and complex a character he is and how dramatic his life had been and still was. It dawned on me that we weren't just making a movie, we were being taken on an adventure of Stefan's creation because that's how he lives his life, as one giant adventure. This is how our film needed to feel. I stopped trying to think in linear terms and really tried to focus on showing the audience Stefan's world through his eyes and his brain, and I believe our film is as dreamy, chaotic, surreal and inspiring — and truly unique — as Stefan himself is.
— Josh Bishop

Film Information

TITLE: The Dwarvenaut
GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 84 min
ASPECT: 16:9
AUDIO: 5:1 Surround
WEBSITE: dwarvenaut.com